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Announcements & Notices

  • We have started a "Clothes Closet" for the needy.  Please bring donations to the church, or call to arrange a pick-up time at your home.

  • Make Sure You Read Spencer's Commentary on Grief.  During such a difficult time, grieving over the loss of a loved one doesn't have to occur—and should never occur—outside and away from His church.  His church is here for you.  Read.  Pray.  And then, call Spencer. . .

  • The Youth Page has some great Parental Guidance for a discussion with kids about the pandemic.  There is also a video by Francis Chan discussing the context of the pandemic and His church . . .


Official Pandemic Notification for PRBC Members

By reading this, you agree that you have been officially notified. There is nothing to disclose, but it's endorsed by most pastors. 

        If you find it more & more difficult to take a stand against the overwhelming information

        overload during this pandemic, try it again but on your knees.  While Jesus could get to The

        Mount of Olives & Gethsemane in less than a "Sabbath day’s walk" from Jerusalem for his

        Passion Prayer—to deal with overwhelming stressors—you can do the same thing, but you

        don't have to walk as far.

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