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Online Giving

     For Parham Road members, please consider setting up an Auto-Pay account using your bank's or credit-union's "Bill-Payment" feature.  If you're online, you most likely have easy internet access to your Bank or Credit Union account.


     Your donations will be sent directly from your Bank to our Church Office in a couple of days after the date you specify.  Additionally, you can easily schedule recurring offerings if you wish (each week, each payday, monthly) or to donate one time for a special purpose.  Your bank will provide you an excellent "paper trail" of all transactions.


     Be sure to put any of your desires in the memo line if your donation is for a special event, activity, or for a particular missions' program . . 

     If you're a visitor, or plan to visit, please do not donate money or give money during our Worship-Service collection time.  Please allow us to offer you our very best hospitality and an uplifting worship experienceas our gift to you!


Why Donate to Parham Roads—or any Church?

Churches accept donations.  Donations pay for our building, grounds, and expenses to keep it operational.  Donations also pay for our highly-trained clergy and staff—all of these facts are true.

But, that’s not the reason why we accept donations.

Donations allow us to have a place to assemble as His people in a single location near our homes.  They allow us to combine our resources, and produce synergistic results in our chosen ministries.  This concept of a church assembly, dating back to the time of Jesus, is from the biblical Greek term ἐκκλησία (“an assembly” of God’s people).

Our assembly allows us to have full-time clergy and staff dedicated to provide quality education—for us and our children, and your children if you’re visiting.  An assembly of such talent, including both clergy and members, can engage in dozens of community-support programs; host community events; and, acquire and store supplies for the marginal.


Having a dedicated facility also allows us to host various special-interest groups (kids' camps; neighborhood activities, NA, AA, etc.) and a host of other functions for those in our local community.

As such a viable group, our assembly has resources handy to pass along the grace and love He gives us.  Our work is solely a heart-felt desire to personify His hands, feet, and conversation.


We accept donations because His church is not a structure, but an assembly of His pay-it-forward people. . . 

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