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Online Giving

Churches accept donations.  Donations pay for our building, grounds, and expenses to keep it operational.  Donations also pay for our highly-trained clergy and staff—all of these facts are true.

But, that’s not the reason why we accept donations.

Donations allow us to have a place to assemble as His people, combine our resources, and produce synergistic results in our chosen ministries.  This concept of a church assembly is from the biblical Greek term ἐκκλησία (“an assembly” of God’s people).

Our assembly allows us to have full-time clergy and staff dedicated to provide quality education—for us and our children, and your children if you’re visiting.  An assembly of such talent, including both clergy and members, can engage in dozens of community support programs; host community events; acquire and store supplies for the marginal.

As a viable group, our assembly has resources handy to pass along the grace and love He gives us.  Our work is solely a heart-felt desire to personify His hands, feet, and conversation.  We accept donations because His church is not a structure, but an assembly of His pay-it-forward people. . . 

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