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Spencer Dillard

Senior Pastor

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From Labor to Reward

I often think about all that Jesus did; the sermons He preached; the lessons He taught; the people He healed; and the miracles He performed.  Jesus did so much in such a short period of time!  For those of us who study the holy scriptures and accept Him as the Messiah of the world, I wonder if we had lived during Jesus’ time on earth and we had witnessed what all that others witnessed through Jesus, would I have deserted Him?  Would I have believed?  Would I been part of “The Way” that began this new church and spread Christianity throughout the world.  Would I?

We often talk about the failures of the disciples who deserted Jesus, who denied Him and the crowd of followers who raised hallelujah’s one day and shouted “crucify Him” the next.  Would I have been one of them too?  Peter swore he would never deny Him.  I’d like to think I never would either, but am I any different from these?  Jesus proved His Messiahship, but so many missed Him!  Would I have missed Him?  How do people miss Him today?

After the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus, many saw Him and continued to witness His great miracles.  As we continue to celebrate our Risen Lord, where are we seeing Him?  Are we witnessing His miracles today?  I have seen Jesus so clearly during this pandemic.  We have heard many miraculous stories and we will hear many more in the days to come.  The time between His ascension to Pentecost, Jesus prepared His disciples to BE the Church.  I believe this is the time we are in.  We are to be preparing during this pandemic to BE the Church—as never before.

God has given us a great opportunity during this crisis to minister to those searching.  We have had people who do not attend Parham Road email us with prayer concerns during this crisis.  We have had many who do not attend Parham Road choose to worship with us online during this crisis.  We even had an article published in the Dover Diary about our efforts to “prayer drive” our community.  God is preparing His church to grow out of this season of fallow.  This is a time for us to prepare for our season of sowing!

Here are 5 things we need to be doing during this fallow season:


  • Pray – pray for God’s will for His church and how you can help the church upon our return

  • Give – during this time away from the church building, continue to support the church and keep her healthy so that she will be strong when we return

  • Prepare – make plans to worship with us online; make plans to join us when we open our doors once again

  • Participate – when we return, prepare to participate in Sunday School with us.  Participate in the outreach efforts we are planning.  Participate in the prayer drives and the prayer walks that we are planning.  Participate in our Homecoming plans October 11th and our Revival the 11th – 14th.

  • Sow – after this fallow season, we need to prepare to sow many seeds and get back to working the field.  Our field is the mission field.  If we all take part in this season of preparation, we will yield much fruit.


I believe our church is going to grow and produce much fruit due to this time God has given us.  He is at work in a mighty way.  We need to be ready to join Him in the work He has already started to accomplishHis will for His Church!


In Matthew 9:37-38 we read, "Then he said to his disciples, 'The harvest indeed is plentiful, but the laborers are few.'  Pray therefore that the Lord of the harvest will send out laborers into his harvest." (WEB™)   I am asking that you prepare for the work ahead.


I heard a term today that was spoken about Bishop Gerald Glenn whom passed away last week from the Coronavirus.  It was said that he passed, “from labor to reward!”  Friends let us labor now for a short time, for our reward will be great!  God bless you church.  Thank you for all you are doing.  Keep Parham Road in your prayers and prepare to join us as we sow our future in the days and months ahead.


Scripture quotations are from either The World English Bible™ (WEB™) or the Open English Bible™ (OEB™).

Both of these bible versions are in the Public Domain.   See or for details.

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