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God has given Parham Road Baptist Church the vision of reaching this community for Christ. This vision has led us into specific children’s ministries, Kidz Kupboard and PRiSM. Through our Kidz Kupboard Ministry we help feed children in need in our local elementary schools. This ministry also provides food to members in need and our community. 


Our PRiSM Ministry came out of our prayer walking our community. The vision is to use our property for sports and recreation for children, specifically, children with disabilities. We have an annual basketball camp in February and our soccer camp in May/June. Our soccer camp is led by Coach Dave Giffard and his staff from VCU Men’s Soccer team.


Part of the vision God gave us for reaching this community for Christ was through parades. We held 2 parades through our neighborhood that ended in our parking lot and brought thousands to Parham Road. These were amazing events! We are beginning plans for a 2024 parade! We look forward to seeing what God will do in this community!


The vision that God has given to Parham Road is reflected in the following Vision Statement:


The vision for Parham Road Baptist Church is to keep our eyes on Jesus and see our community transformed by Christ as we:

Begin and Cultivate…Belong and Connect…Become and Commission.

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